You’re going to do this for a long time

You’re probably 30 to 50 years old now, I guess. For the past 10-20 years you’ve tried several jobs or industries, some probably have experienced more than others, and you’ve picked the one you’re doing right now.

That’s a long journey, so much ups and downs I bet you’d get in tears telling me over few drinks. So the thing you’re doing right now is probably (I sincerely hope) the one thing you do best and you are going to do this for a long time.

This is your profession, how would you invest in your profession that you’ll going to be in for at least 20-30 years to come?

When you put that into context, the hard work, time, money that I’d probably advise you to put in, is nothing compare to the living that you’re gonna make, doing what you love doing, for many years to come.