Wrong target audience

One of the misconception of Facebook advertisers have is about audience targeting. There’s just too much obsession on this, and obsession usually leads to overdoing.

There’s nothing wrong about the Facebook advertising audience targeting options, it is fantastic and powerful. What’s wrong, is the advertisers’ mindset when using them.

Let me explain.

Many advertisers would think that if they get their target audience right, their ad will work. The truth is, you need to get the whole mechanism to work. The mechanism is the combination of audience targeting, messaging, platform, product, pricing, and the list could go in depending on industry.

For example, if you run a consumer research company, no matter how niche you drill into your Facebook ads audience targeting, it would probably never work. The intention is just not there.

On the other hand, if you’re selling ladies fashion online, your audience targeting might be the same as other 100 online sellers out there, then the factors that will kick in would be the pricing, quality, ready stock or not, etc.

You get what I mean.