Why is Facebook advertising powerful?

I wrote about the reasons NOT to choose Facebook as the platform to advertise digitally yesterday.

Let’s talk about why IS Facebook advertising powerful today? Many reasons, I’ll list a few here for your consideration.

First of all, Facebook advertising is a type of people-based advertising. While Google Ads remarketing works on cookies, Facebook advertising is based on your real (almost) identify.

Followed by cross-platform advertising, of course. Most of us have linked Facebook with Instagram account, needless to say Messenger. As long as you’re not logged out, you can be retargeted no matter where you go.

Next is my favourite, the Facebook advertising objectives. Though it takes some paradigm shift to get how it works, it is probably the most powerful digital advertising feature around. To summarise it, it works based on the action you are looking to achieve, and when you’re able to build a journey with multiple actions precisely, you win.

Chances you land on this page looking for an assurance to start Facebook advertising, I recommend that you join this class, it’ll give you the jumpstart you need.