Why Facebook?

I’m not sure if this article will become obsolete in a year or two, but for now, Facebook is the most important digital advertising platform.

With about 25 million Facebook users amongst 30 million population in Malaysia (likely similar numbers in your country, you can use Facebook ads manager to get an estimate), the coverage is unbeatable.

But what really matters about Facebook advertising is that it is people-based advertising. In contrast to Google Remarketing, which is based on cookies, it works by placing a cookies in your browser to make sure you keep seeing the remarketing ad. On Facebook, its people-based retargeting is the powerful because we don’t log out from Facebook – I doubt you even remember the password. So there’s no escape.

It is important to understand a platform before you jump right in, which is why I put together a class for beginners. I covered this topic in the first chapter of my class here, take a look.