Why do you advertise?

I know it sounds silly to ask this, but it is true.

Why do you advertise? For more awareness? More sales? To get more leads? Better market brand positioning? More footprint to your local restaurants or retail outlets?

Why do you advertise? How do you measure your success?

Everything must be measured, tracked, and optimised. However if you’re not sure about the reason you advertise, you’re not helping me organising you an optimisation strategy.

Think about this:

  • If you’re e-commerce business – is it clicks or conversions you’re looking for, as if this stage?
  • If you’re a retail business, do you want more shares on your posts or the visits the ad brings you?
  • If you’re a real estate developer, are you looking to get leads or drive gallery visits?


They are not the same. Once you’re clear about the above, next ask yourself:

  • How many new visitors you need to get one conversion?
  • How much are you paying to get one new customers through Facebook to your restaurant?
  • How many leads you need to get one closure?


How do you measure success? But what really matter is, what is your goal? At this point of time, with this set of actions you’re trying to drive.