When should you start?

We are all procrastinators, which is perfectly fine. But when should you start?

Those who know me personally should know that I’m a fast builder. We built Printit within 2 weeks. I built Tribeup Academy within days, I mean the skeleton of the first class of course, and we launch it to the market within 2 weeks. The first class of Tribeup Academy Online was written, filmed and produced within a month by one person.

You can have a hundred reasons to procrastinate, but you only need one reason to do it. If you want it to happen, no one can stop you.

Do it to make things work. You car has problem, you fix it no matter what. Your water pipe is leaking you will never hesitate to fix it. When your ads is not working, why don’t you take immediate action? That’s your business’s life line at stake, what is stopping you to start?