When should we change Facebook ads creative?

First of all, let’s understand why and when should we change Facebook ads creative.

Facebook’s main asset is us, the users. In order to keep making gazillions of money it needs to make sure the users always find their Facebook news feed “interesting”, so that they’ll keep coming back.

Facebook news feed is a curated feed, determined by news feed algorithm that consists of over 100k factors to determine what’s interesting for you based on your past interactions with Facebook. Now other than those vacation photos and lunch posts, you see ads.

Now how Facebook determine what ads you see? That’s not up to us. Theoretically if we fall within the target audience selection and the advertiser bid correctly we should be seeing the ad no matter what.

Facebook limits the number of ads to appear to maintain the user experience. In determining which ad shows first and more often, Facebook has this Relevance Score to determine if your ad pops. So this is it – the first indicator is you should consider changing your ad creative if your Relevance Score consistently stays below 3 (Relevance Score refreshes every 500 impressions based on the interactions on your ad).

Keep testing until you’ve found the right combination, then keep going. If your campaign has good opt-out mechanism, such as excluding those who visited website in the past 30 days, etc., your ad should be always reaching new audience. If it is working, why change?

That’s if your ad is targeting cold audience. But if you’re targeting warm audience, which are generally those who have learned about your business and showed interest, Relevance Score isn’t that important.

My take is, if it is working, why change? Make sure you work harder to find the best performing ad, strategize your audience targeting, especially exclusion well, keep running the ads.

Think about this, the main reason to run ads is to build awareness, then foster trust to create “this restaurant is worth trying out” kind of thinking. If you keep changing your ad without maintaining a consistency and persistency in terms of creative and frequency, how will you get there?