What’s an ideal audience size?

That’s one question being asked almost every time I meet a new prospect, or during every one of my Facebook advertising classes. What do you think?

In my opinion, you want an audience size that can give you a good balance of reaching enough “right audiences” from the pool you’re reaching. Advertising is a probability game. The probability of getting the right audience is important to maintain a good funnel flow. For example, if you’re getting 20 clicks from every 100 new audiences you’ve reached, out of which you get 1 sales, that sort of pays off your advertising cost, I believe that’s a good balance.

But not every business can get the good balance at once, it takes some tests and experiments to get it right. At the get go, I have a few suggestions for your consideration:

  • Go for an audience size that you can confidently cover at least 80% within 3 months with your ads budget.
  • Go for an audience size that can give your ads budget good comfortable rooms to run, underspending means no good.

If possible, get an audience that has high intent, and have a good size at the same time. I covered an audience targeting strategy in my online class, take a look.