What sells a product?

In the era of digital media, I think the quality of a sellable product is a combination of good story and good quality.

I was having a discussion with girlfriend about an online store that she frequents. We just bought from the store last week, and she’s looking a new product that the store owner just shared. She was reading me the copy, compelling. It is so relatable and cuts in from different angles such as the manufacturing process, then scarcity, the urgency, this store owner is a master.

But think a step deeper, if the product is not as good as it was described, it won’t bring your customer back. In fact for most cases, the future of your store depends on your returning customers.

Let say if you have a healthy return on advertising spend (ROAS) of higher than 1, meaning your profit is higher than your ad spend and you’re getting more than free customers. Your product was advertised for free, and next step is how you can make these people come back for more.