We are lazy

I’m referring to our customers, generally.

Based on my experience:

  • Over 95% of leads captured for real estate projects do not know the project type, area, price, almost anything, about the project
  • 80% of the enquiries to my classes still ask for the dates, despite I published it on the landing page
  • Over 80% of the enquiries do not reply after first contact
  • Almost 100% of the conversions for the e-commerce websites I coach are from returning visitors


From the above stats, we can summarise that:

  • People don’t read ads, generally
  • Most actions generated on social ads are impulsive
  • Interest over intension
  • People generally don’t remember the ads they interacted with
  • Frequency matters, it creates trust (at a certain level)


The first rule of thumb is to work on the intention, then the frequency. I’d suggest that first layer of ads should work as a filter to disqualify non-potential ones, work on your qualifying mechanism and drive frequency to build trust towards your brand.