Using video in Facebook ads

We’ve been talking about audience qualifiers to move them to the middle-of-funnel campaigns, or warm audience in our terms. Video is a very important audience qualifier.

There are many ways of using a video, I’ve even seen a video with only 1 image, it is practically an image masked as a video. Slideshow video is a viable option, as well as live videos, anything.

We use video to qualify audiences in 2 scenarios – to include in campaign, or to be excluded.

It is especially important when we build a Facebook drip campaign, consider a few options below:

  • Watched up to 50% – to be excluded from top-of-funnel (or cold) campaign to make sure you’re always reaching fresh audience
  • Watched up to 95% – to be included in the middle-of-funnel (or warm) campaign for retargeting. This can be broken up into 7-day segment, 14-day segment, 21 day segment for a drip campaign design


Do you use video? What kind of audiences do you create from your videos? Share with me please.