Types of Facebook advertising target audiences

Essentially there are 3 types of audiences on Facebook advertising. But what really matter is, what’s your audience targeting strategy.

3 main types of target audiences on Facebook advertising:

  • Core audiences, or cold audiences in my term. Strangers you wish to target
  • Custom audiences, or warm audiences in my term. People who learned about your brand
  • Lookalike audience, essentially cold audiences that shares common traits of your warm audiences

Now the key is how you plan your audience targeting strategy.

On the core audience or cold audience part, I’ve written an article earlier on how to work on the audience size.

Next is the custom audiences, or warm audiences. I’m planning to put together a class on this in Tribeup Academy Online, because from my observation, after learning how to create custom audiences, people are still not sure on how to navigate an effective execution strategy for their cases. Subscribe to get notified once we launch any classes.

However on the warm audience part, it is important to focus on audiences with higher intent, or audiences that might yield you highest return. For example, you might want to consider to capture people who added to cart instead of just visiting, and you might want to focus on 14-day visit instead of 30-day visit, depending on your conversion window.

Let’s talk about Lookalike audience tomorrow. Sign up to our first online class at 50% discount if you haven’t, deal is ending soon.