Turn your funnel upside down

Here’s how a normal advertiser would design her ads funnel: Run ads with free/discount/entry level product, X number of visitors will have Y number of conversion. She’ll then try to upsell the customers with other products (usually more expensive) to increase the lifetime value.

It’s not working most of the time. It’s not working because of a few reasons:

  • Visitors who are interested in free/discount/entry level products usually don’t sticks
  • They are usually harder to convert and always shopping around for better deals
  • Which lead to poor ROI for your ads spend because conversions don’t pay for themselves
  • And usually these customers are hard to upsell


It is the quality of prospects that matters, of course your audience targeting technique also plays a role. The problem started from the inflow of the funnel.

What if we turn things upside down? We use the product with highest value to run ads, one that strongly desired by a group of potential customers. We run carefully crafted ad to attract, nurture and convert them using a series of ads that’s designed as a “customer discovery journey”.

It worked. The conversion remains similar (most of the time higher), however the value is a lot higher hence a lot better ROI. The quality of the visitors are better too because of purer intention, they shops around more, and it leads to better conversion for other products.

I call this “Reverse Funnel Strategy”, let’s build yours together in The Strategy Development Program.