Time to change

It’s inevitable that when a method is not working, we should just change to another. However when it comes to Facebook advertising, I notice there’s a tenancy of refusal to change among some advertisers.

“It used to work, why is it not working anymore?”

There are many reasons why it is not working anymore. It could be algorithm change, low bid, behaviour change. You can either spent a lot of time to try to make it work again, or be more open that it has stopped working, whether it is temporarily or not, and try a new method.

Too many times, this happened to clients’ campaigns, too. Cost per click gets off the roof, and conversion is not happening. We switched over to Reach objective and maintain a reasonable frequency, it worked.

Lead generation stopped working, cost is high and the leads getting in is pathetic. We switched over to Messages objective, creating a different way for the our audience to interact with the brand, it worked. Number of leads grew by 50 times. Insane.

If you’re one of them, it is not your fault. Things just change too rapidly on Facebook. The mechanism, the bidding optimizations. You probably spent a lot of money to reach this method that “worked well”, I understand the frustration you’re facing now.

That’s one of the reasons why I put together the Facebook Advertising Master Class, to help you understand the functionality of each objective, to keep you updated about the changes, to make you a better Facebook advertiser. That’s why we have 95% approval rating from our past participants, with over 10% revisits the class for updates regularly.

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