They don’t need what you have to offer

This title can be interpreted from 2 angles – from the angle of those you’re trying to market to, and from the angle of those who need your products/services.

When you’re building a business, or starting your professional profile, it is important that you find a market that is big enough for you to survive.

Then you go out and find your customers. The easiest places to turn to is Facebook or Google. Either one is correct place to turn to, we’re not discussing about platform today.

The difference is in the mechanism, and the kind of audiences you’re working on.

Facebook are basically consist of the audience you’re trying to marketing to; while Google is more of those who need your products/services.

Based on my observation, many Facebook advertisers are wrong about their target audience. Most of the time, especially on Facebook, you’re marketing to the market that don’t need you, or don’t know they need you.

Let’s face it, Facebook ads are interruption marketing most of the time. To make thing worse, many advertisers have this kind of “if they like this, they might like me” kind of mentality when they do audience targeting. While it’s not entirely wrong, but you need to understand the fundamental of the detailed targeting bit, especially the interest targeting bit.

For example, I might be interested in parenting by the pages I liked, or labeled as interested in parenting by Pixel installed in Lazada, but I was actually buying my friend’s baby birthday present. Those who liked any wedding related pages maybe have passed the stage and got married already (who unlike pages?) but if you’re a wedding photographer trying to target based on this, you’re missing the mark.

Many tends to choose a lot of the detailed targeting options. Remember, the description says that you’re actually “INCLUDE people who match at least ONE of the following”. They don’t work in combinations.

I’m not even talking about ads message yet, you’re probably marketing to the people who don’t need you already.