They don’t know what you know

When I was planning for my first Facebook advertising class back in 2016, my biggest struggle was “what if this is not up to their expectations?”

I was so worried that what I planned to offer was not enough. I worried that I might let my audience down.

Turns out 3 years later, the class I designed back in 2016 remains one of the most advanced classes according to my audiences (I’ve got participants who attended all my classes, revisiting sometimes). I eventually broke them into 2 levels of class (at one point of time, 3 levels), and for each class I still receive feedback that “it is too advanced for me”.

It turns out despite the internet has so-called “liberalised” learning and education industry, the information gap, or the “disparity of knowledge distribution” remains one of the biggest challenge of mankind, in my opinion.

My point here is if you have a skillset or talent that you believe you’re so good at, the truth is you are really good at it. The next challenge is to do the product-market fit – to see if there are anyone willing to pay you for you to do it.

That’s right, the first thing you need to learn about marketing, is to market yourself.

The world needs you, we just don’t know yet. It is your job to tell us.