The reason to learn

It’s a privilege to have learned with over 3,000 people since 2016.

Why are you here? A question I don’t usually ask my class but keeps playing in my head all the time. Why are you here?

To learn. Exactly. It should be followed by a clear understanding about what are you going to learn, which in turn answers the deeper layer of the initial question.

You are here to level up.

Why do you learn? You’re learning to level up. Level up can be from level zero or from level 1, or 5. Best learning happens when you realise what it takes to level up, when you’re able to raise specific questions, when you know what you lack.

“Have you already started learning on your own?” A question raised by Mr. From to Chris in the movie The Pursuit of Happyness.

If you do, join us to level up.