The power of affiliation

H Signature Hair Salon did one thing right to stand out among salons in Penang. More specifically, among salons around Tanjung Tokong and George Town area in Penang, an area famous for its upmarket population.

They only use Dyson Supersonic hair dryers.

This smart move builds a direct affiliation with Dyson, a desired brand, a brand that spends huge advertising budget educating the market about the superiority of its products.

This smart move give a solid reason to visit the salon – to experience Dyson hair dryers.

Trust me it is a totally different experience compare to visiting the Dyson experience store, because you get to experience “how you’d use it”.

What H Signature Hair Salon can consider doing to convert the curiosity into strong customer base that sticks:

  • As they also sell the product, why not offer packages (giving customers reason to come back, more often) with maybe not a free Dyson hair dryer, but a significant discount?
  • Offer customers who goes live on Facebook when you’re blowing her a special prize?
  • Give a hair dryer away with a contest?

Marketing is about discovery, connecting the unique experience you’re offering to the people seeking to experience it.

Curiosity is a strong drive to discovery. Strong affiliation create curiosity among the audience you seek to serve. It creates the spark, all you need next are ideas and techniques to help it spread.

But first, start with clarity on the audience segment you seek to serve.