The macro-perspective

One of the reason I created The Strategy Development Program is because I want to help more advertisers to see the macro-perspective of Facebook advertising.

As an economics graduate, I grew up within the concepts of macroeconomics and microeconomics. The 2 disciplines are fundamentally different but interdependent. The microeconomics studies the individual, group or company level of effect, the demand and supply axises, etc.; while the macroeconomics examines the shift of national policies, the market direction, etc. and their effects to the overall economy. You may read more about the differences here.

Facebook advertisers have been too obsessed with the algorithm change, the new features, policy changes, etc.. They have been working too hard to follow and even to game the system following these changes and shifts, forgetting the fundamental of Facebook advertising.

It is the strategy that sticks, and it doesn’t get affected by all the changes. It is the compass of your Facebook advertising activities. You need to be able to see through the chaos and build the best strategy for your business.

It is like if you know the macro-perspective of your work, you’ll always have a compass whenever you feel distracted, swayed, strayed, lost.

I’m not saying working on the micro-perspective is not good, but it has to be both because they are interdependent. I teach Facebook advertising because it is in me that I want to help more business grow by empowering them with the right knowledge. That’s my micro- and macro-perspective of my work.

The micro- or macro-perspective are very much varies for every body even if you both work on the same job in the same company at the same rank in the hierarchy, because it is personal. It is only for you.

What’s your micro- and macro-perspective of your work?