The internet remembers

Marshall’s Burger was once the rising star of Penang food scene, until someone uploaded a photo of their burger patty spotted with fly eggs. The owner denied, took on the customer to argue that the eggs were on the flag’s toothpick stick instead of the bacon. The internet went on fire. Thou they did apologize, but the damage was done and such damage is fatal. Marshall’s Burger is gone now.

Raj’s Banana Leaf Restaurant was caught on video when their staffs were washing the dishes in a puddle of murky water. The owner soon issued a statement that it was done by new recruits, but netizens were questioning why is the management not aware of this, why didn’t they stop them? Raj’s was since rebranded to RBL, I heard it’s not doing as good as before.

Irvin Salted Egg makes salted egg fish skin snacks. A Bangkok customer found a deep fried lizard coated with salted egg, and Irvin, the founder, immediately issued a statement to apologize and promise to give full refund batches of their product sold – opened or not. The apology post earned waves of praises and positive sentiments.

The internet remembers.