The best time to post

Any time is/is not the best time to post.

We still have this kind of misconception about the best time to post on Facebook. Now this is not really a Facebook advertising related topic, but organic reach is one thing that people constantly misunderstand, I thought I should share my 2 cents.

The insights will show you what are the times your audiences are active, usually dinner time until late night. But wait, being active doesn’t mean they will see your post in their news feed. As every pages they liked knows that they are active during this hours, everyone posts, eventually competition gets tougher.

The best time to post is anytime, and boost it. Boost it to your fans only, do this with minimal budget with consistency, you’ll see your organic reach improves. Of course provided your content is valuable, promotes engagement, and highly relatable to your audiences. That’s another topic to cover.