The best marketing

What is the best marketing technique you can apply to your business?

Discount may bring you customers, but it cuts into your margin. Selling at premium price requires a lot more work on story telling, and it takes time to reach the tipping point, your business may not have the luxury of time.

I think it boils down to the reason you build a business. Are you looking to make more money, or is it the problem that you aim to solve? I’m not judging but if it is for money, you might not have the perseverance to go the long term. If it is the problem you’re aiming to solve, it gets to you at a different level.

You get to focus on the outcome, the smile on your customers’ face, the satisfaction that drives you. Get your why, satisfy your customers to solve their problem. Constantly improve the way you deliver, the way you do things, the outcome it achieves. That to me, is your best marketing.