Starting from scratch

Building a new brand is exciting and scary at the same time. When it comes to digital presence, I believe I’ve got some suggestions to offer.

I start from the naming itself – is the domain name available? Next we will scrap the social networks to see if we are able to secure the usernames, at least the dominant few.

Next up would be to build your presence, systematically with consistency:

  • Have a content plan is not difficult. Break your domain of expertise into bite-sized content, if daily is too much, make it twice a week, 4 times a month? Write meaningful content because when an audience start searching, content freshness and relevancy helps them decide.
  • Advertise for action instead of awareness. Many would start off with growing page likes, or even brand awareness objective, I’d suggest otherwise. Think about this, a person who clicked “like” may not have spent time to learn about your brand, compare to those who have read your article or watch your demo video, which are in my opinion, reasonably more valuable audience.
  • Engage with your audience. Start from simple interactions, make every touchpoint counts. Give a 5% discount in exchange for a review, rating, or a hashtag is okay, run contests or campaigns would definitely help boost your visibility.
  • Consistency and persistency matters. While periodical review and strategy adjustment are important, one must have the mindset to be in the game for long run. Your digital presence is part of your business, it represents you.

I know how excited you are, hope these tips help and I wish you all the best.