Should I still “boost” a Facebook post?

Everyone have clicked that damn “boost” button, and got burned. My take is this: if it is so useless, Facebook would have removed it already. If it is there, it is useful.

There are generally 2 categories of Facebook advertising objectives: awareness-based or action-based. And the Facebook boosted post is an action-based objective, which means it is to help you gather a specific action(s).

A boosted Facebook post, which falls under Engagement Facebook advertising objective, is meant to help you get more likes (and other reactions), comments and shares to the post you’re boosting.

On the other hand, Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm – the all-mighty, mysterious, AI-powered algorithm that decides what we see in our newsfeed; the nasty algorithm that puts our business pages’ organic reach to all-time new low all the time (3%, generally), favours such engagement.

Consider this: boost your post to warm audiences only – people who have liked your page (provided you grew them organically), people who visited your website, etc.

Some of the pages I manage has over 30% organic reach.