Planning a series of actions

Facebook advertising works best with retargeting. No one would buy the first time they see your ad, so the trick is to create a journey to lead them to.

Planning a series of actions is critical. A simple 2-step journey is normal, some may require a longer drip with several ads combined.

For the whole journey to work, the key is to get the qualification step right.

How do you qualify someone to be your warm audience? It’s really important to get the first step right, else your following steps will miss the mark.

Consider these:

  • People who indicated interest or going to your event
  • People who visited your website and added to cart
  • People who watched your video up to 50%
  • People who opened lead form but didn’t submit in the past 7 days

The list goes on, and it depends on which objective you choose to fit into your strategy mix. Remember the first step isn’t to sell (though some sales might happen, that’s bonus), but to qualify.

Share with me your strategy here I’ll share my thoughts.