One action at a time

One of the biggest mistakes Facebook advertisers make, is to treat Facebook as a one-action-for-all kind of advertising platform.

Think about this: when was the last time you make a purchase decision the first time you see an ad from a new brand or product?

Even you’re damn interested in the deal or the brilliant photography or the superb copy the marketer put up, you don’t buy immediately.

But you do ACT, what do you do?

  • You’d google it
  • Look for the Facebook page
  • Read the reviews
  • Look up for the competitors
  • Then visit the website again
  • Try add it to cart to check shipping
  • Check the payment method maybe
  • Watch some YouTube videos about it

Then you forgot about it. Not intentionally, but there’s just so much more new products or services, you need more time to go through the above steps, again and again.

To you, is this a lost opportunity? Or is it a highly potential, informed, learned prospect that you should work harder to convert?

So, what is your reminding strategy?