New Facebook advertising

Facebook’s recent statement about uniting multiple platforms created quite some buzz in the market about the possibility of new Facebook advertising. Here’s what I observed.

The first benefit would be to merge data from various platforms to increase the reliability of the database, which in turn increases the effectiveness and accuracy of Facebook advertising.

It is not hard to imagine how this new platform would work – just look at the Pages Manager where you’re able to manage comments and messages on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram all within the app. You only need to link the accounts once.

I’m all excited about the possibility of a more personalised advertising experience. Imagine the retargeting plus 1-on-1 experience a brand can build not just on Facebook, but on Messenger, Instagram and even WhatsApp.

New Facebook advertising in my opinion would be personalized marketing + customer relations management. New form of permission marketing, definitely. Brands must be ready to adapt the shift from mass digital advertising.

Are you ready for new Facebook advertising?