List building on Facebook

List building and sell them stuffs is one of the longest standing digital marketing methodology. It still work, here’s how you can do it with Facebook.

The who idea is to build a list, build relationship and sell stuffs. While it is not easy to build real list of emails or phone numbers as people don’t do that much now, plus email open rate is damn low anyway.

But some actions can be considered an opt-on on Facebook. Things like:

  • Watched video up to 25%
  • Send a message to your page
  • Liked, commented or shared your post
  • Opened lead form but did not submit
  • And more


All the above can be targeted up to 365 days, and these actions are in my opinion “opt-in actions” that indicates their interest in your business. They are your intended audiences.

Intent-based advertising strategy is proven to be able to help you create evergreen campaign that reaches fresh audiences all the time, while creating superstar effect (e.g. see you everywhere all the time) that increase conversion. Join us to build yours.