Learn with me.

I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs the better ways to do Facebook advertising and digital marketing since 2016 – things that I’ve been learning since 2007 where I started my career as a digital marketer.

It started as an experiment, turned out to be my calling.

You’ll know when you’ve done something repeatedly for over 100 times in 3 years, to over 3,000 people, yet still having that excitement of waking up to the morning that you’ll be sharing the same deck (maybe slightly different) to different people.

95% of the 3,000+ people who have learned with me told me that they will recommend my classes their friends. Join me in the next class, I think it’ll be fun.

2 ways to learn

1-day, for 10-person only each class, The Master Class is for beginner to intermediate Facebook advertisers to level up. It is important for Facebook advertisers who wants to know the key differences between the Facebook advertising objectives (and which to choose), understanding the audience targeting hacking techniques and ads design and copywriting do’s and dont’s.

The The Strategy Development Program for advanced Facebook advertisers. It is an exclusive learning experience designed for up to 6-person per session, where we discuss in depth strategy development methodologies, techniques, and advanced Facebook advertising and digital marketing ideas. It comes with 4 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching within a year to help you grow.

I hope to see you in my next class.