Learn to be better

Learning can be a scary thing.

First you need to part ways with your money, you’re not sure if it is worth it. Then you’ll need to trade your time for the learning experience, you’re not sure if it is worth it. Last but not least, the scariest thing about learning is, you’re about to part ways with your belief, you’re not sure if you’re right.

It is similar to the half full and half empty theory, your attitude decides your learning outcome really. I learn everyday. New technologies, new approach in Facebook advertising, and best learning I have usually come from the participants that came to learn from me.

To me, my best way of learning is through teaching, because that’s where I find what I have isn’t enough. That’s also the time where I feel humble because everyone came to learn with me carries different background and experience worth learning from. I remind myself to learn to be better every single day.

Learning is mutual, either it is online or offline. Join me?