It’s too complicated

As a digital agency with an in-house development team we get enquiries for websites or apps development sometimes.

One of the usual traits of the enquiries – especially the aspiring entrepreneurs who believe that their idea is set to change the world – is that most of them believe they need to pack the 147 features in before they can launch the idea.

You know what I believe? An idea is set to solve a basic problem. And if it does, the money follows. Our focus should be on “solving the problem”, first. Other “good to have” features are often, well, unnecessary.

Learned it the hard way from my failed ventures, here’s one tip: ask yourself if your users will be okay WITHOUT this feature you’re thinking.

Your users won’t tell you which features they don’t need, because they don’t need it. And your users won’t tell you that they’re leaving often because “it is complicated”.