It’s a trap

In fact a lot of Facebook advertising targeting settings are traps. Let’s talk about one of them.

I believe you have boosted a post before. If you’ve not, do it. It is so easy, just create a post on your Facebook Page, there will be a little blue button beneath the post that says “Click Me”. Or is it “Boost Post”?

After clicking on the button, the lure begins. It says you can reach additional 5,000 people by spending a small amount on ads. I mean why not? We’ve been reaching so little of our followers anyway. But wait, there are actually additional settings.

5,000 if you boost this to “friends of those who liked your page”, what’s that? When you switch over to “people who liked your page”, the number become significantly lesser. Why such difference?

Firstly, your fans are your warm audiences, which are significantly more niched compare to the first one, hence higher cost. Next is the frequency. When you’re reaching bigger audience size, relatively they will see your ads lesser times, compare to your followers, same amount might reach them more times.

I haven’t got into the strategy bit, which is why should you boost a post to your followers only. I covered this in my online class, check it out.