Intention-based targeting

I’ve been writing about wrong audience targeting for Facebook advertising, and the misconception Facebook advertisers have on the interest targeting part. I actually prefer intention-based targeting.

Do you mean that interest targeting on Facebook is not working? You ask.

Not entirely. But for certain scenario, it’s not. For example, theoretically people who are 25-45 year old, who works as executive and above, staying away from family with roommates should be interested in buying a property.

So you run ads targeting this group of people heavily to generate leads (which doesn’t limit the impressions frequency). It might work as a start, but overtime the effectiveness might decrease. What’s wrong?

Interest-based targeting is correct, except to people who have no intention to purchase. For example, somebody who have bought her first apartment, no matter how many times she sees your ad she won’t respond. She has no intention to buy another one. Period.

Intention-based targeting works to a certain level of effectiveness to filter out the non-intent audiences with exclusion and narrow-targeting techniques. Pay attention to the combinations though.

We used this technique for a property developer group in a multi-million Facebook ads campaign in 2018, marvellous outcome. I discuss these techniques in the Master Class, join me in the next class.