Innovate, improvise

I used to be obsessed about “originality”. A startup, an idea, a campaign. And for every “new idea” I discovered I spent countless hours trying to prove its “originality”.

Until I realise that there’s no such thing.

One way or another, the idea has been thought of by someone else, maybe not entirely the same but similar. The campaign idea? Don’t kid yourself, you’re not the first one.

I took a step back and thought to myself, what are we marketers really looking for when we’re working on the plan, the idea, the strategy?

We want to make it work. So the difference is how you make it work, your way.

An advertisement, a marketing campaign, a business idea, all are but combinations that we put together based on our experience, our worldview, our perspectives, our way.

It is time to put away the fear and shame of “copying”, borrowed ideas, techniques, creative directions, etc.

I’m all for the quest of “looking for the best combinations that work”, as long as it is legal.