How to say no?

Our inner voice always pushes us to go for it when opportunity knocks on our door, you should. However, how do you know if it is really an opportunity?

Partnerships, collaborations, let’s work together to outgrow our capacities, let’s build a new category. It is tempting when we’re being presented the “future”, how can we not take it? But really? Think of it, when usually these opportunities knock on your door? When you’re getting noticed – when something is working.

Why not explore a new market? Why not expand the vertical or cross sell each other? It is silly if we don’t work together because my customers are yours too!

Exactly. When something is starting to work, distractions will follow. We are excited because people take notice, we are excited because of what future holds. But is this really something you should be working on right now?

Learn to say no, especially when something starts to work. Focus on what is working, ship more, grow one step at a time is a more realistic route to take.