How to hire a Facebook advertising strategist

Someone asked me this question today and well, I’m just gonna make a list and the rest is your call.

  • She has to be a Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional, both certs, at least 2 term
  • She has to be in the industry for 5 years or more, to understand the rapid changes that she’s facing
  • I personally think RM1million ad spend managed is a milestone to consider one “learned”, we’re talking about strategist here, not executive
  • Unless your industry is so niche and she matches, else she should have touched at least like, 10 industries? I personally think that the cross-industry experience is essential
  • She is a designer by profession
  • She codes, or at least able to build a functional and beautiful website in hours
  • She should be also experienced in advertising on Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, or pick 2 of them


Can’t find one? Become one.