How Facebook advertising works?

Facebook advertising works similarly to most conventional advertising.

If you want to advertise on a TV channel, what you do is you sign up for a package that comes with certain number of slots at certain hours, they promise to push your ads to the people who switch on the television at the slots you chose.

Facebook advertising is also push advertising. The difference here is you get to choose to only push to say, female age 25-54 with kids below 12 years old that lived 10km radius from Petaling Jaya. You also get to choose the time to deliver, the platform you prefer, how much you wish to spend and more.

That’s same interruption, exposure, impressions you’re getting, only more precisely targeted, more controlled and everything is measured and tracked.

Advertising itself never changed much, only the medium, and a bit of paradigm shift in terms of mechanisms and jargons.