How Facebook advertising objectives work?

I wrote about why is Facebook advertising powerful yesterday, one of them being the objectives. I reckon I should put together a piece to talk about it.

Here we go.

You actually decide the effective of your Facebook ads campaign, right from the moment you pick your objective. You decide the action you’re going to get.

If you’re looking to get website visitors, but you chose engagement objective. You’ll not get clicks because people who see your ads are those who are likely to like, comment or share your post.

What about conversion objective? Depending on which conversion event you’re selecting. If you wish to get more people to purchase on your website, yet you don’t have 50 purchases on weekly basis, you should not choose that conversion event. A valid conversion event requires 50 Pixel fires in the past 7 days.

Facebook advertising objectives are “actions mostly likely taken by your audience, based on historical data”.

So which action matters to you?