How do you advertise?

This is a follow up post.

We’re not talking about the platform you choose, the objectives you use; though they’re part of the question. We’re talking about the message, your positioning.

Face the fact that people just don’t buy the first time they see your ad. So the question starts from the first touch point – what is the message you use to capture the first impression?

Consider this:

  • People go to a cafe may not be thirsty, she just need caffeine
  • People go to a cafe maybe just need to compose her next Instagram post
  • People go to a cafe maybe need to start a conversation


If you run a cafe you might need to advertise as a hangout place, the corners that people can take beautiful photos, or the bean you use, the barista you hired are world class. Each captures different segment of the market.

You can’t use one message for all markets, because there are many different markets, yet they are all your target audiences.