Help your customers achieve their true goals

As a Facebook advertising strategist and coach, my work is all about dealing with different people.

A friend shared a quote on Facebook that goes like this, “work itself isn’t the main energy drainer, but the people you deal with at work. The most tiring part of work isn’t work itself, but the process to stay positive throughout the process.”

That’s right, your customers decides your joy at work. Or the other way around.

No, I don’t mean that customers are always wrong, or at the very bottom of their heart doing their best to bring misery to our work. What I really mean here is, how do you find the right way to communicate and help them.

Communication is key. It is the customers’ right to demand, it is our responsibility to help them grow.

Growth here I do not only mean the growth we achieve at work in terms of numbers or progress, but the growth in knowledge the person who is working with you, or the emotional gain when a goal is achieved.

If a client is not sure whether choose video or single image for the ad, share with you the pros and cons to help them make better decision. If the client isn’t sure which platform to go, point them the right way to learn important information to make the right decision.

The value in you lays in the work you do to really help the client achieve their goal, the reason they buy. You buy a drill because you want a hole on the wall, or the joy you have to be able to look at the precious family portrait everyday.