Find your world, be the best of the world

I thought of writing something interesting as the first post for this little blog, I couldn’t really get any. So I thought of sharing a motto that I (sort of) developed after reading a book from Seth Godin – The Dip.

Don’t ask me about the content, I don’t remember anymore.

What I remember:

  • It’s a tiny book
  • I finished it at Borders over a cup of Latte
  • I didn’t buy the book (I will get one soon)


But the book changed me.

One very simple idea that I got out from the book, was to become the best of the world.

But first, you define your world.

It kind of guided me on my journey in the past 10 years or more. I’ve been distracted, but the idea always get me back on track, or at least to guide me back to the core idea of why I started.

Why I started. That’s right.

Do you still remember why you started this very journey you’re on now? Are you still on the journey?