Facebook Reach objective for awareness-based campaign

If your advertising strategy is to build awareness – whether to reach the maximum number of a set of well-defined cold audience, or building a consistent and persistent brand presence among your warm audiences, this is the best Facebook advertising objective.

The definition of Facebook advertising’s reach objective maximises the number of people who see your ads and how often they see them. You get to set the number of frequency an audience will see your ad within a day-range up to 90 days.

Consider this:

  • For cold audience, set it to 2 times every 7 days to make sure you’re able to reach as many people as possible within your target audience, while maintaining a frequency that doesn’t annoy and optimizes ad recall
  • For those who visited your website, added to cart, purchased, run specific ads to push for next steps. E.g. a voucher for those who added to cart in the last 3 days, set it to 5 times every 1 day


You get the idea.