Facebook lead generation ads stopped working

It happens all the time. This post lists down few possible reasons and the potential solutions.

  • Audience size too small – not everyone comes online everyday, niche audience delivers slower
  • Wrong targeting – wrong target audience won’t react to your ads, hence low relevance score


So get your ads to start delivering again, you can try these steps:

  • Adjust manual big – if a lead is worth RM100 for you, try to big higher than that. Bid high doesn’t mean you’ll get charged that much, it is an indicator to Facebook that “you’re willing to spend that much”
  • Increase budget – the learning phase needs 50 conversions to complete, try to complete that as early as possible
  • Accelerate delivery – if you set a lifetime, acceleration will push the spending speed, you might want to watch closer if you do this
  • Change objective – for certain markets, messages objective works better, some audience segment prefers to submit lead on a landing page.


How did you solve your lead gen campaign stopped working issue?