Facebook advertising is similar to conventional advertising

If you’re from conventional advertising background, it is very easy to understand Facebook advertising.

I always like to relate Facebook advertising to conventional advertising. To me, there are very similar. When you’re running a billboard ad, you pick the spot that captures eyeballs of the target audiences you’re looking to convert. You next aim is that your creative is powerful enough (that depends on your agency and your management’s decision), and the people who sees your billboard really take action.

It is a form of pushing advertising. Facebook advertising is the same form of advertising, only it allows you to:

  • Go into more detailed targeting, up to 1km radius with other detailed targeting options, e.g. parents with kids below 12 year old that lives 1km radius from your shop
  • Set time and date you want your ads to show, e.g. only run ads on weekdays from 9am to 9pm
  • Control your ads budget, start from as low as RM3 per day
  • Control frequency of how many times your ad shows to each person, e.g. each person can only see your ads up to 3X every 14 days
  • And more.

It is vitally important that you understand a platform before you jump in. Facebook as the most powerful digital advertising platform of our time, it gets overwhelming at times to navigate, which is why I put together a class to help you get started.

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