Facebook ad drip

Let’s talk a bit more about the Facebook ad drip from yesterday’s post, which is actually not very common.

It is the same as email drip, where you plan a series of emails that send out in a pre-determined sequence.

It helps educate your subscribers or customers about your products or services in a pace that is not overwhelming and properly guided.

This can also be done using Facebook advertising, leveraging on the super powerful Custom Audience.

Facebook ad drip is suitable for both action-based and awareness-based campaigns, but before you wanna jump in, a few key areas to consider:

  • Determine the conversion window – hotel room booking has a typical 72-hour conversion window, if you drip longer than that you’d be losing money
  • Determine the number of ads – typically I recommend to have not more than 4 key messages to drip
  • Determine the frequency and duration – for my classes, I use a 7-day interval as my message is rather long. I cap the daily frequency at 2 to avoid fatigue


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