Drip your audience

Sometimes, well most of the times, our assumptions about our target audiences are wrong.

I don’t mean to discount your domain of expertise in your industry, the things you do. That’s your trade I respect that, but at times we are probably just posing a lot of limitations around the Facebook ads campaigns, and they’re not helping us to achieve better result.

One of the techniques we used, especially on businesses or industries that we aren’t familiar with, is the audience dripping technique.

When you’re not sure if male or female would be more interested, open up. Same goes to age group – when we first started Tribeup Academy we thought that those in late 20s to early 40s are more likely to sign up to our classes, we were wrong.

There are so many things to test, but we can also do it the other way around. You can open up your limitations to get reasonably wider audience inflow, then let the number help you decide.