Design your actions

In the past few days we’ve been talking about the 3 main goals of Facebook advertising, read back if you missed them. Today we’ll discuss about action.

The most important realisation an advertiser must have in Facebook advertising is that, no one will buy from you at the first encounter. Think back from your own experience, the behaviour on Facebook is rapid pace and most people can’t even capture the whole message of your ad at first encounter.

So it is important to plan your action one step at a time. It takes patience, it takes strategic planning. Maybe the first action is to at least get them to view your video? Once they do, aim for a website visit, then conversion. That’s a more logic way to go.

You don’t buy from a new brand. But if you have seen a brand for 10 times, it is not new and it becomes trustworthy. That’s how our mind work.

Another thing to watch is how long should you follow them for each action?

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