Cover all touch points

There are still bosses and managers who prefers to “test one platform at a time”. In their point of view, it is best to focus their resources at one medium at a time especially when it comes to advertising.

“It is easier to measure,” she said.

That was true back then, but now, you have to acknowledge that the product discovery journey has changed.

As I mentioned in my previous post, almost no one will buy from you the at their first encounter with your ad.

They will google you next. So do you buy google ads on your own keywords? Do you have good SEO?

They will seek comparisons, do you cover that? They will probably compare your price on other marketplaces, if it is within your strategy mix, you probably should also appear on some.

Cover all touch points is important to ensure your create an interesting product discovery journey for your potential customers.

So it gives you more reason to focus at one key product at a time, then work on optimising the discovery journey within your product universe.