Consistency VS Persistency

These are the good quality we can find in good entrepreneurs, and good Facebook ads.

Sometime ago the market praised the posting frequency on Facebook. Saying that’s the quality of “consistency in creating good content” and hoping that eventually it will help ship the products. Many still live in that mindset, especially brand owners.

But the fact is your organic reach is only 3% so your 5 posts a day isn’t reaching, needless to say about converting. People have super short attention span now that they don’t read your ad even if you reach them. Research says in order to get a message across on social media, it requires the message to reach the audience 7-14 times.

7-14 times. That probably means you’ll have to keep using the same ad creative for at least a month, if you have a wider audience it might take 2-3 months. If you know how to work on your exclusion strategy, you can be sure that your ad is always reaching the fresh audience.

That’s right. You’ll have to be persistent in appearing in front of your audiences, work hard on the “appear and attract” over a period of longer time, followed by a very consistent pace without creating fatigue.

Let’s face this, despite medium advertising always work on repetition to create impressions.

The first time you see a new TVC of a new detergent brand you’ll think it’s stupid. You might even joke with your partner that whoever who came out with the idea has mental problem. 1 month later you start to hum the jingle, and you bought that detergent brand during your next shopping trip.