Are you using Facebook Live?

I was resistant to this one, however after started doing it for awhile it’s kinda fun. And it is damn effective. Let me explain.

First of all it drives fantastic organic reach among your fans, and more. As they watch your Live the spill over effect is huge. Averagely over 50% of my Live video viewers are non-fans.

The reason to do Live is because of its instancy, and the participation viewers get while viewing. It creates a different kind of atmosphere and foster bond.

Bond builds trust and if you’re focusing on discussing your area of expertise, you get to build authority. It is important that you do Live with consistency and persistency, and it has to tie to a business model.

Start small, 5 minutes is okay. I was nervous too despite I’m a trainer, so it’s okay to be nervous. But you’ll be okay.

Join me in my next Facebook live?